October 20, 2006


brithdys shuould not be 'celabrrated'. they shuold be davoted to stark an horible soletary contamplaetion.


youv wastad ur life an your gona die.

ioathar updte!

its not my birfthdy ffs. im just. u know. just sayign.

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We all know what you get up to when solitary, 3H - "stark" and "honourable" have nothing to do with it. Still, it does make an interesting alternative to traditional methods of extinguishing the candles on the cake...

Many happy returns, I suppose :)
Well, Happy Not-Your-Birthday then, Arlington!
arlinton sir,
im reel pretty and id be delighted to make the axquaintance of an interlectual gent of you distinkton. perhaps youd like to call on me when mr cockbox goes to work.

hope you dont think im too forward but ive seen you for a long time from my yard
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