October 06, 2006

killllllllller fcat!@

a hrudygrudy is not a godamn baral orgen an if u getit worng i will fuckigng cut you. taht is all.


htahts nto all! i sooo oo totly need oneof thease. sin(2*pi*t*f) + (sin(2*pi*t*(f*2))/2) blahblahblah my ass. an u can tel vonhelmholtz i said so. wheeeee!


its teh krautrock dellay gimickk! (e.g. this arpreggio crap).

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Dude I saw one of those played at a local coffeehouse. Cool scratchy sound but a little goes a long way.
Whoa the Popul Vuh clip is riveting and unlistenable at the same time.
"often accompanied by bagpipes" thay say. Well, what about the monkey, eh? The little monkey in the fez and the red jacket passing round the tin cup? When does he get a look in? Did a million monkeys die in vain?

This is why I never use Wikipedia for my researches. I'm sick of their hidden anti-monkey agenda...
Enlightening stuff. Thanks. HA !
Well, I had my organ barrelled once and it definitely hurt my gurdies.
Stockhausen, you've got some balls calling Popul Vuh unlistenable. Remember Gruppen? Huh? HUH?
Well quite HB, well qite.
"Gruppen" received some very favorable critical attention. After all, I'm not composing for the unwashed masses.
You may not be composing for the unwashed masses, but the unwashed masses are composing for you.

Good work. Have a biscuit. A Mexican one.
harmonium, did someone say harmonium?Bogol my love, I have twwo,the last one a gift from some bloke from a band called the cardiacs,came from a church in Kent but was made in Chicago,Farrand & Votey.The man played it so beautifully but i think i fucked it up in transit,how can a giant mouth-organ go out of tune?
u fcuksed up is hramoniam?! jeez taht musta gjust about give im a hart atack!

harrrr harrr harr har aharharhrhhfhghsrjgtiwer4h!!1
fckin cats, dats don;t lick you r ballthough do they? no they fuckon dont!
when are you going to post your own music?

You have your public waiting...

...in anticipation.



What if you used a hurdy-gurdy as a guitar pick like was done by Spinal Tap? Wouldn't that open a door into an alternate universe or something?
Stnennt u phyle. Biiiiig. Haus lites dimmmmed if u nvr heer frum me agin itz cuz i blue ott my intronet. Prayers.
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