October 03, 2006

Let this be a lesson to you.

If I were able, I would build an enormous motorway in a perfect circle a hundred miles in diameter, far out in the desert. You would drive around it, and it would teach you all a thing or two, about geometry.

I would build it in Canada, where the Americans could not get their hands on it.

P.S. You should not mix your drinks.

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Make it spherical, and they would learn about gravity too. It would also be a better fit for Canada, seeing as it's already full of balls.
Also never mix inhalants. If you start the evening with rubber cement, stick with it.
Interesting concept, but obviously a physical impossibility. If the highway were exactly 100 miles in diameter, then its circumference would be a nonterminating decimal -- a nonphysical absurdity.
They already have them in America, but they're elliptical. You're supposed to drive around them abotu 400 times. He who doesn't pass out from dizziness wins. It's one of the ultimate tests of manliness.
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