September 25, 2006

An Update from Arlington! (translation of prev post)

It's been brought to my attention that some of our readers may not yet be proficient in the Language of the Future.* So I'll provide this update in English:

Hey everybody I have an update from Arlington! He called on his cell from the boat last night:

"Project! Project!"

"Mmm. Mmm hmm?"

"Project! Listen, this is really important!"


"Ok, first --"

"Dude, have you seen this thing where they like eat worms?"


"Seriously. This chick is eating a worm."

"Project, I don't know how long I have to talk here, this is imp--"



"Holy crap that was gross."

"Um. Seriously. Could we talk for a minute, right now?"

"Sure, I'll turn it down."

"Could you look up the number for the Coast Guard?"

"Ok I muted it. It's just this thing about tooth glue now."

"Look, the boat has been sssiszzt grabarg manafraingzzt --" and much more in that vein. I hate it when people call on their cell phone and then they get a bad connection. First of all, if you call on your cell phone I wonder why am I so low on your list of priorities that I'm getting a call on the cell, from the car, the boat, whatever, probably your important friends are getting a call on the land line from home. And, second, I can't understand a word of this. It's annoying! And meanwhile I have the Burger King thing muted, which, fine, but I like those ones with that King guy who plays football and climbs into bed with men. That guy is so funny.



"Just promise me you'll take care of that right away, ok? Can I count on you? ... batteries getting wet here."

"Yeah, sure, dude. No problem. Hey, try wiping the phone with a towel or something."

"Water's getting glub glug glug" and these annoying bubbling sounds, he has got to get a new phone. And now Fear Factor is back on. What a dilemma. So I put him on hold and I guess he hung up. But I wanted to let you all know that I heard from Arlington! Apparently he feels that I'm doing a great job and he'll be back I guess sometime pretty soon.

*Under research and development by Dr. S.M. Donovan of Boise State University.

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A chick eating worms! Cool! Where was that on?

3H sounded unusually lucid on the phone there, by the way. I do hope he's getting enough to drink wherever he is...
Dude, there were like three different chicks in bikinis, competing for who could eat the most worms.

No worries, I don't like to spread stories behind people's backs, but frankly it sounded like he was up to his neck in the drink.
Arlington/3H talks normal, he just doesn't spell so good.
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