September 20, 2006

arlisgn ton outawo8 touwns!11

its ays on teh bolger controlapelanel dthiagn 'schedulaled outage aat 4pm'. i keeep redign it as 'shecduled outrage'. pls discus thx. thers gota be comady potenionital the're.

mehnwhilas while ur dsciusign taht im gona be offnet an unrechable until monday 9/25 aftarasdonoon. so liiek whastever an whatnot. il be onna bote! groook!

ive atmepted to apointendn porjec wnaaananabe to iritate an baffle u in my absance. my bet is hell blow it off entirly. im hopign hel hnad it ovar to a hily sopisticiicated intalectual of his aquantance named sophie. ether that or the invatiation wont wrork right. oh wel who gives a crap rely?

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= scheduled outrage
I understand those of the mohammedian faith have their 'days of anger' although recently it has evolved to a perpetual anger. Does this qualify for a scheduled outrage? Perhaps the introduction of a scheduled happiness may be in order? We start off with a daily two minutes happiness, and move on to a happiness week, during which anyone burning effigies or such like gets summarily executed?
scheduled outage
Aegus - I have to agree, there's nothing more conducive to happiness than summary execution.
No, wait, some members of that faith really do believe that...
Arlington, cool, boat, whoa! Unfortunately I'll be out of town for pretty much the same period. I'll try to come up with something irritating or baffling before I leave.
I don't give a crap either. But only 'cos I want to be cool like you...
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