September 09, 2006

drrop back five an gibbber

We'd like to be sure everything on our plate is nailed down so we can wrap this up and hit the showers.

i wrote that in a emmail to a customer yestrady. an sennt it.

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Best wrap it in Saran Wrap, then.
I don't think anyone will notice. Sounds like normal USA business talk to me.
I am bursting with pride, like a ripe tomato on a sunny shelf.
Next stop - using the word "action" as a verb...
I'm sure J.A.Aubrey would have said the same had he lived in these days.
I dunno, I think you sound very proactive HA.
I was going to post an entire comment in corporatese, but I can barely summon up a word of it. I used to be unusually fluent, but it seems to be gone.
I'd action the corporatese comment, but I have to attend an intrapreneurship seminar, gather some metrics, set up a quality circle, and brainstorm modalities to maximize my comment process first.
duede 'intrapreneurship' is fucikgn classsic.

but. o no. oooooohhh dear god u didn make it up. its uot the're. ok thats scery.
Ahhh. My mother tongue. So nice to hear it again after years away.
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