September 01, 2006








teh scluptueral works of dr seueusss! seriouiisly! fun stuff. bit priecy for me right now damit. actuily a bit pricy for anybody. posthumous numbard repraductoins? hmph.

vuia coop indarecly.

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They're lovely.
With the greatest respect, Arlington, you can fuck off. We're waiting for some giant killer robot news here.
I'm not.
I like the magazine, but what is that thing that gets the lobster?
Foot eater here's the closest thing I have to killer robots
I like the blue-green abelard myself. And so did everyone else, apparently. Sold out? How many did they make to start with?

Still, nothing will top my collection of stuffed Lord of the Rings heads. I've got the complete set of the elves now. Sprinkle a little laudanum on their muesli and they're all yours...
Yeah, but are you a Mexican or a Mexican't?

Also, while we're ont subject - Tracy Emin is a tit.
Really? Parus caeruleus, Parus palustris, Parus lugibris, Parus hyrcana, Parus superciliosus, Parus sclateri, Parus montanus, Parus ribidiventris, Parus melanolophus or Parus hypermelaena? Or is he just your normal Parus major sanguinus?
I wasn't allowed to read Dr Seuss as a child, and now I'm a adult I don't want to.
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