August 13, 2006


  1. porjec watanabe has come roarogin back form his selfimposed exile!

  2. have u sean teh treadmil thign? im always the last too know but hjust incase not u should! its pure unadultrated geniuas!

  3. its to damn hot im my ofice.

  4. 'swepat with confusd alarams of sturgle an flight'

  5. borign nerd content follas!!1! knofpler uses 10s?!

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Oh, great, another afternoon down the drain. I've got to get to a meeting:

Step 1.
Admit that you are unable to control your use of and youtube.
Talk about evidence for a Creator. There's a whole segment of the human gene pool, who previously had no known use, but who are geniuses now that we can download amateur video clips.
Are you a Mexican or a Mexican't? It's an either or.
Cool treadmill action. But I found #4 a bit puzzling. Hard to equate that one with ignorant armies that clash by night. If marauding kittens were the worst he had to worry about, I dare say Arnold would've been a bit more chipper...
probj - see?! see?!


btw ive bean playgin stuff liek what foghat might do if youd hiared em to do crepy incedental music for a cop show sneakingup scene in adbuot 1975. uterly wrothless but fun. did i tel u i wana start a glam revival?

i.t.t. - wel it was liek irooonic u know? liek thers allthese litle knots of kitans havign sorta clumsy pointles inconclusive scormishes wherevar you look. so to like equate that with like yada yada blahblahblah u knwo what i mean.
ikieron - inclusi8ave or? or exlcusive?
Their music is pretty good too
er. whose?
That sounds like my kinda music HA.
The music on the video dude. They rock.
I can't really comment on Foghat. My Foghat-music-remembering neurons must have died off.
I really didn't want to hear about your orifice.
What is it with you young people and OK Fucking Go? One of my friends MSN's me a link to one of their videos last week. That was rubbish as well.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre, on the other hand, RULE.
Loved the treadmill video.
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