July 10, 2006

Status Update

Dear, dearest readers — if any of you remain — Arlington is very sorry that he has so neglected you recently. His attention was occupied by a terminally ill cat and he "didn't feel very funny", but that's over now and I expect that he will return shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Good to hear.
Did it upset him? I warned him not to eat it...
Sorry about your pussy, Arlington.
It will be good to have him back.
He didn't become suddenly exhilarated by the death of his cat, did he?
I do hope your beast recovers, although "terminally ill" doesn't sound too promising.
No, that doesn't sound too promising. Sorry to hear it!
thanks for the update, doc. give triple-H our best
Hey, so I like a spot of Lo Mein now and again. I can't live on noodles alone.

Sorry about your little fluffmuffin, Arlington. Those of us who have been owned by cats know the heartache you're going through.
Sorry to hear it, Arlington. I wouldn't feel very funny either.

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