June 01, 2006

not queit sutable for chidlran

is taht saposed to be a knee? or...?

somthigns just not right ovar at nintenda if u ask me.

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Yes it's a knee, you perv. Which doesn't mean to say he wouldn't stick it up your arse at the drop of a hat, so I shouldn't be too relieved if I were you.

Do they have hats in Nintendo? That's how you know it's bad. Hats are always a sure-fire sign of calm, peace and respectability.
But boy, with a few extra pixels of black thrown in there, I bet one could make it a not-his-knee. Someone's fantasy, I'm sure...

Okay, fine, it's mine.
It looks like the back of another creature/cyborg/person's head doing I don't know what on his/her knees or something.
It also looks a bit like that Jack Straw/ Queen record cover comparison you did a while back.
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