May 11, 2006


am in the onyl one aruondn here who 'gets' this tshirt?

netthack is a charctermode video game datign from 1987. it runs on greenscreen terminals a.k.a. dumbterminels. in college i useta stay in teh terminalroom all night palyign that game. nerly flunked out. knew anothar guy who did flunk out. he stayed aruond the termroom anyway thouugh an he got to smelin prety bad aftar a few weeks. no no its not waht ur thinking! he was stil breathing. taht was teh worst part infact.

good times!

dude im gona totly buy that shirt man.


teh atsign ('@') is you. the 'r's are rats i thikn. not sure waht '$' was. probly a snake? no clue about '!' an '<'. pound signs are halways of cuorse.

"My GPA just went in the corner and shot itself." Some poor schmuck who just bilged his Operating Systems final, yesterday.



omfg! all tihs crap is via lore sjöberg by the way.

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I pride myself on being able to read your posts quickly and with comprehension, but today, even I am baffled.
Like you went to college.
criris - wahoo! tahts hi prase indeed!

foot - bah! course i went. didn say i lerned anything.
ok so the $ is money, durrr unless it's creeping copper coins that pretends to be money but comes up and wallops you in the goolies when you try and pick it up. man i hate it when that happens. you just look retarded trying to hit money with an axe.
R is for snake
! is a potion
< is an upstairwelly thing.

and dude, i'm totly gonna buy one too, not for me though, for my brother, i neverplayed the game...
For misspelled "d00d"
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