April 09, 2006

this isn me. seroiuiusly it isnt.

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The very essence of effective literary criticism, if you ask me. Tells you all you'll ever need to know in a couple of sentences.

Mind you, I thought that "The South Beach Diet" was utter crap. Poorly written, uni-dimensional characters, and next to no plot development at all. Most disappointing.
I like this guy. Need to get him into some of my classes; he'd show those college sophomores a thing or two about reading.
The best part is that two of six people found that helpful, despite the fact that I totally lost two pounds when I read Siddhartha, which is about on par with South Beach. Whatever, dude...
I don't know why a review of Mrs. Dalloway headed "Ol' Guts and Glory Does It Again" just nearly reduced me to tears, but it did.

Ivan: The characters in SBD end up one-dimensional, to be sure, but they're radically three-dimensional in the beginning. How much more development do you need?
I am shocked how many ppl found those reviews "useful" (!)
I have been thinking about this a lot. Do you think that is part of a clo-an plot to get people to start The South Beach Diet?? Do we, perhaps, taste better sans carbs??
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