March 20, 2006

baranan rapubiklkc

i wuld like to start a club. it wuold be a club whe're u go into banananana rapualic an punch people.

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Or maybe leave banana skins on the stairs?
Can I join? What's the membership fee?
I'll join, but only if we can stop into Abercrombie & Fitch on the way to Banana and force-feed the live models ice cream and candy bars until their too-tight jeans don't fit. Not that I'm bitter or anything...
Mind you, 3H, some of the male staff working at BR is obviously gay. You may just get arrested for hate crimes. That's an extra five years slapped on your sentence. I say we wait outside, and ambush people who buy from Banana Republic. Yuppies fight like girls, anyway. Should be all easy targets.
I say we surreptitiosly restock their shelves with K-Mart clothes, then alert the press to their perfidity.
I used to shop there when they were a funky little store that sold weird stuff like Italian Army surplus boxers and suchlike....when I moved away from that store I didn't see one for years and then they were transmorgified into this square rimmed glasses-wearing latte-sipping bunch of weirdos. I actually walked into a store to make sure there was no cool stuff in the back but alas it was all black turtlenecks and skinny belts. That and the gaydar was going off bigtime.
Hmmm. I wouldn't mind wearing a soldier's used underwear, as long as he's an Italian soldier. Swedish? I don't think so. German? Don't make me fucking laugh.
I think you should set some ninjas on them. I have a couple spare if you want to borrow them. We need to restore the Banana Monarchy.
That's surplus, not used underwear...must have been from their commandos.
You've obviously been shopping too much HA. Not to worry, a feller needs to do it once or twice a year y'know.
Club started yet? Or is it just another one of your airy fairy plans, ha. Heh heh.
I am interested in your ideas and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
First we prop up brutal dictatorships in these places with foreign aid and now you want to go in and start punching up the citizens.

Enough's enough, end farm subsidies today!
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