March 01, 2006

it al bagins to make sence

alfinas got vegeies on er mnind. wel heres waht neitszhchzse had ta say abuot it

"...[the caste system] had no other means for keeping [the common ruck] from being dangerous, for making him weak, than to make him sick... The third edict, for example (Avadana-Sastra I), 'on impure vegetables,' ordains that the only nourishment permitted to the chandala shall be garlic and onions..."

Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols, trans. Walter Kaufmann

now mind u i havnt teh fantest idea how acurate ol ferdrichs grasp a history was.

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I would never associate a steady diet of garlic and onions with "weakness". Ask any Klingon, for starters. Food of the Gods, I reckon - I can't get enough of the stuff...
It does begin to make sense now. I wonder what Nietzsche would have said about soy products, specifically tofu.
Surely, beer is the food of the gods. Vindication, indeed!

I always thought Nietzsche was a poor thinker as he never once responded to my many e-mailed requests for debate.

Now, Soren Kierkegaard responds to any call for a philosophical discussion, although, truth be told, most of his positions resolve around the "Brains, BRAAIIIIIINS!" school of thought.
"That which is not deep fried makes me stronger." Eh, Alfina?
I think ol' Friedrich had it wrong. It wasn't to keep them sick. I bet it was to keep the other castes from fooling around with untouchables.

I know if I was a young Brahmin lad I wouldn't be as keen on a night under the sheets with a girl if all she ever eats is garlic and onions. Not without giving her some Altoids and a double dose of Beano anyway.
Nietzsche? Come on, how is it really spelled?
Freddie knew his history--he was trained as a classical philologist. But history is irrelevant here, anyway; what counts is the genealogy of indulging in love of vegetables. Or vagatbles, as you may say. And the origin of that practice is low, just like the ethics of humility. That's all we need to know about it.
Word association:
Garlic & onion - French - surrender - WWII - nazis - Nietzsche - Hegel - bagel - breakfast!
That sounds like Derrida, Jake. You could get that thing published. Get tenure at some American university, too. Score with nerdy lit crit chicks and stuff.
Like most philosophers, poor old Fred
Lives not in the world but in his head.
While the pungent garlic
Might well make mortals sick
It’s great ‘gainst those pesky undead.
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