February 23, 2006

to serve man

seen at craite an baral

culd i make tihs up? no i cuolnd not. nor wuould i if i could.

i was in their lookign for a sort off gril wiht a stand to be suspnendad ovar a burnar on a gas stove. theres no such thing of course. i tried to xeplalin it to a salsegril an she actad like i was a ascaped mentel patient. u know how people get. some days i feal like a godamn space alien. nex time i go in teheyre ill flash colard lights at em an say 'beep beeep bepbep beeeeeep!' itl get me as far as talking evar did.

teh tital.

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Do they do rimming pepper too? That's a meal I'd happily skip.
I've never even heard of a mojito before. Seems like more trouble than it's worth. Just dump the rum in the ice and drink away. You'll be ready for your rimming much quicker.
H3 - you need to invent that grill. You'd make a bundle.
h.b. - i shuld ask. i mean waht the hell. its not liek they culsd htikn any les of me.

hsean - hmmm! ur right. theyres a clear time-to-rim avantaage their.

adransste - one a thease wiht a calamp an al u needs is teh gril itself. i got prety good rasults with a coolign rack but i hada balence it on stuf. kidna adhoc.

the porblam is the flames prety localized. duno if you could rely cook two htingns ovar it at once.

an it might be concedard 'unsafe' for liability exporsure purposes cuase its food right ovar a opean flame. i mean god only knows yknow?

but the good knews is i fuond this litle article which i thouught hb might enjoy.
I understood there were rumors about marketing a new powder for sheep rimming in Edinburgh...
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