February 28, 2006

i rule!

a mishef of mapgies is havign a 'voate for arlrignten' poll. only u can porp up my feabal slefasteem.


got ma ass whuped! birtney macshae takes teh onoers!

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Consider it done, old pal. You're lagging a little tho'. I should amend your post to include the standard Sinn Fein line: "Vote Early - Vote Often..."
Dolally! Dolally!
And presumably we have the power to destroy it, too.
Nuts! I went to bed last night well in the lead and I come back in this morning and you're 1 vote ahead!

Knew it was too good to be true... ;-)
iven - i aways heard taht 'early an oftan' liane as a chicago machine polatics thign. or mabe it was teh machine in nyc. kinda teh same thnicity in all three cases... same as mine in fact...

vague - yah! hup hup! er. huh?

fot eter - yep. but i trust youl use it wisley.

bindi - ha! wel were neck an nekc now dude!
Or, Boston style, "Vote often and early for James Michael Curley".
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