February 24, 2006

whoa! cool!

exost pipe flamthroar kits! fortyfive bucks u.s. for a single pipe kit!

gota get one. the chickys totely go for that (its evan betar then goat poop!). nex time u se me il have kate becxkansale on my arm. bet on it.

update! iwldly oftopic!

u can fly from bosten to irgkutsk for about a thousend bucks roundtrip. this would make considarably more sense than workin gfor a livigng.

update 2!

tee hee hee!

Q: Is there any truth in the rumor that you are thinking of leaving Montreux forever?

A: Well, there is a rumor that sooner or later everybody living now in Montreux will leave it forever.

wen't a-googling for the bit in speak memery about changing trains at teh rusian bordar late at night on teh way to teh riviera. cuoldn find it. but good ol blavdak didn let me down. he nevar does.

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They're glorified lit farts, those things. Side-mounted machine guns are the way to go.
true. but thers just no way im gona be able to get a lisansce for fullauto in masachusats.
Well, move to Texas then.
When my son was about twelve, he came to me with a question I was sadly unable to answer: "Mom, how can you make a girl know you're alive BESIDES giving her a hamster?" Now I realize that I should have mentioned goat poop.
rob - ive concedard it. but in my line a wrok texas is austin or nowhere. an austens prety dead last i haerd. also evan in ostan can u get decant prosciutto? eh? mabe north caralina. the resarch trignles probly ok an ive got some frens down thare. but agaian theres teh pork product isue. not taht they dont have some damned fine pork products of their own in taht nekc a teh woods.

gial - whyd he asdk? suonds like he was on teh right track to bagin wit. did he try the garanium?
Mmm, tough call. Machine gun, or porky deliciousness? You're right, it hasta be the pig, don't it?
Re your update no. 1: I find your attitude extraordinarily irresponsible. If not you, who would pay for your trip to Irkutsk? Are you some sort of dole scrounger?
rob - wel its like the guns v buttar thign. once u got hte machianegun teh pigs easy. so mabye i shold racasidar.

foty - ur ovarsiplivyign. im nto just thinkign irgstksk he're. thers lake bikal to. or pikc up teh transiberean ralway at yjkaterinburg an stick wiht it al teh way to vladivostok.

but anyhow yeah 'dolescronger' sunds okay.
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