February 27, 2006

my sugestoin to gmaiial


It's a massive hassle that GMail refuses to send zip files as attachments if they contain executables. It just screwed me again: I built a DLL and tried to mail it to my work account. GMail gave me the finger. This happens to me a lot, and it really gets on my nerves.

I understand that you're concerned about morons screwing themselves and all their friends, and that's a legitimate humanitarian position to take, but some of us are [software] developers. Not only are we well outside the scope of reasonable humanitarian (indeed, human) interest, but it is in fact our job to screw ourselves. GMail would be a handy addition to our self-screwing armamentarium if only it had some kind of "please let me screw myself" checkbox.


Arlington Copley Hynes

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I note that I have been nominated against you in the Mischief of Magpies Blog of the Week award, sir! Best of luck to you!!
I don'r know, but I'm pretty sure that letter would be more effective if you misspelled everything.
I do not understand a word of that, and you were even using traditional spelling. What happened to the clowans?
Tru dat. I've had the same bloody problem trying to mail a reg cleaning tool to a friend (she is a moron & manageds to screw herself & therefore needed me to send her an.exe file). Can I? Can I fuck. Idiots.
Manageds? Bah. This is your malign influence Hynes.
bitney - thank u!

agarmarman - ture. but i thojtht id try to fake em out.

bysnandnar - wel teh one wiht teh usaaf dorpin em on schweinfurt just wont gel an i dont yet have a good handal on the material for teh one with the dyaks. the anarctic icecaves may work out.

rob - it lets anythning by if teh extnsoin is 'jpg'. but she wont be abal to changne it back to 'exe' bacuase of teh stupid windoes extensionhiding misfeature. mabe a msi? hmph. doubt it.

whooooop! got it! chagne teh exsension to some kindna crap. liek 'ggggg'. gmail lets it past (er... well i testad wiht 'nnn' an taht did work — ymmv). an windas wont hide it cuase its not knowan. so she can canhge it to 'exe' just fine. bbingo.

lets not heaer any more snarky comants about maline ifluance eh?
Did you get a reply yet? I bet they told you to go screw yourself.
Hey, cut 'em some slack. I'm counting any day on which my password isn't mysteriously changed as a win, and on that basis there has been a reasonable amount of winning. Not astonishing, but reasonable.
polgton - theyd betar! but not a peep yet.

zer - i saw taht thign on ur bolg. is it serously fadign in an out like that? i dont sapose mabye sombodys switchign ur keybrod to dvorak whan ur not looking? i useta work with a guy who dvoraked his keyboarad so noboddy cuold use his computar. typign on it was horable! like a bizare dream.
Ha - based on the deletions and name-changes and whatnot, something even more nefarious than Dvorak is afoot. I'm standing by the "demented alter ego" hypothesis.
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