February 28, 2006


the poetes olivea haris has done teh memy seveney thign wiich was very knind of her as its difacult for ur moare cryative type a souls oftantimes to adres they're atnention to such mundnane matars. htank u olivia.

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Golly, she seems like a very sensitive person. Almost too sensitive, if you know what I mean. Poetic-like. And REALLY sensitive.
u tryna sugest shes mabe a lil bit... u know... funy?
She seems to think you are an angry man deep down inside Arl, maybe you oughta speak in rhyme a bit more. Good for the soul.
Yep, funny is what I meant.
UR so good with words.
I think she named herself.
I think she named herself.
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