March 22, 2006

spmam of teh week


Shipping is done through UPS preferred but I will also ship with USPS, Fedex or Airborne Express. Their is NO GUARANTEE on the reptile if shipped with anyone else besides UPS. I guarantee live arrival with 100% satisfaction as long as the shipping company arrives on schedule and someone is there to sign for the packag.

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Are you looking into buying a Komodo dragon these days? They make great pets, I hear.
Aw, man, Arlington, what kind of reptile is it? This looks like it has all the makings of a really awesome opportunity. I think you should definitely pursue it, if for no other reason than to entertain your readers.
Exactly what sort of "satisfaction" is he offering? This smacks of your usual scaly perversions, 3H. I shall report you to the proper authorities. After all, any lizard is more or less guaranteed to be underage.

Not like those giant tortoises. They're all like 120 years old, and sluts to boot. Stick some hooped earrings and a Burberry cap on one and you could hump it in a bus shelter on a Friday night without anyone turning a hair...
Reptile seems a bit vague.

It's not a crocodile is it?
'Packag'? Are you sure you didn't write that spam yourself, HHH?
I never put my lizard in a package as it's a very cruel and irresponsible.

I did put it in a sock once, but I was younger then and sock-curious.
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