April 29, 2006

them frissky robats!

i fouund a very informertive documentery in coops bolgrol. its a vital record of the like zeitgeist an whatnot. itsabuot robots! not just abuot robots but also in adition about girls too! an than teh palice come an chase emaway form teh bonfire. its a cinamatic statmant of near-hutttonian plangency an insight. no foolin!

you ready? you sure? okay then.

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Nice guitar that.
I don't believe Hutton would know what a plangence was if it bit him in the arse.
On the side of the page there was a Google ad for used robots--including bonding robots. I mean, how dismal can one's life get if one has only used robots to bond with?
phil - Hutton should remember the name of his Norman overloads.

des - Perhaps they are half naked violin-playing robots?
Correcton: "overlords", not "overloads". And I just realized I may look like I'm trying to be ha^3 but I just wanted to reply to both w/o confusion. Else I would have left it as "overloads".
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