April 20, 2006


ms wrods spelchejkar dosn know any actuall words.

dont ask me wyh tehy bothard. wel at lest they kep themselvs busy.


im a dumbas! fote etar obserfes

It's tranche. Tranche, tranche, TRANCHE. With an 'e'.

hes right too. bugerty buggarty buggerr. withouot teh 'e' its all about teh stergeon (u balief taht one? i got my doubts. bet its one a them plagarism-detecter fakes that dictoinarys invent. like the plsatic marker bits in exploasifs. annybody (*cough*) got a oed handy? mians at home).

hey look thers traunch to!

anyhow wrod dosnt know 'tranche' with a 'e' ehtar.


yep its in teh oed! 1512 an 1668 an 1840!

1840 Ainsworth Tower Lond. 11. xxxix, In the old terms of his art, he leached the brawn, ... tranched the sturgeon, undertranched the tunny-fish, ramed the crab, and barbed the lobster.

not a man to be triffled with obvuoiously. bil gats is gona be sory.

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Whatever alternative spelling of 'tranch' you put in, the whole sentence is still meaningless. Do you get paid to write that stuff?
At least a nun didn't pop out and rap your knuckles with a ruler.
After a few years of your spelling, 3H, I'm not surprised it's given up...
The eejit is me. I just spent ten seconds trying to close that grey box.

Now I get it, though.
Learning you use a spellchecker is like learning there's no Father Christmas.
buysnader - yep i sure do get paid. thign is its a spec an specs are bulshit anyway. an it dos actuly make sense!

poltron - tahtll be teh next version.

iven - hey! waht a absurd contentoin. its teh new versoin. hasn had taht much time yet.

hairy - ha! u fel inta my trap!

cancar - wel it did taht wigly red line undar 'tranch' so i ran teh spelchecar to see wat teh deal was. i nevar use it ohterwsie. its a pieca crap. aside from the 'spelchecker effect' where u see wildly inapropriate aproximet homonyms. anyhow if you cant spel be a man abuot it for gods sake! dont use a crutch!

but tehir gramar checkar is infinitly worse. one versoin got its/its/its worng. i kid u not.
Linda Evangelista, in a hole, looking for her watch: a full asynchronous trench model.
But, 3H, what is the verb of that phrase? There should be a green wormlet underneath the whole thing, if that checker is worth a single penny. The soft for that musta been written by one of Bill Gates's manifold Indians called Andrew, kinda like the Indians who call me to say their name is Phillip and they'd like to offer me a great credit card.
It's tranche. Tranche, tranche, TRANCHE. With an 'e'.
Yeah, what is that Indian call centre fake name thing all about? Back in the day you'd be talking to somebody in India and they'd be called Adil or Hardeep. Now it's all, "May I wish you a very good afternoon Sir [I love the way these call centre scripts were written in 1930], my name is "Kevin", how might I be of assistance to you today?"
fernk - right!

d.a. - er. 'defered'? 'to be'? somthign like that. i agre its a bit telegraphic.

foot -





ur right. oihhh shit.

wrod dosn know it taht way ethar but that dosent get me off teh hook. fuckity.

canker - 'kevan' is a ol urdu name mening 'jus reboot teh godamn thign ok a-hole?'
Tranche. That's a horse of a different color. Colour. Couleur. Ah shit. Shite. Crap!
well, even the 1840 Oxy has an 'e' in it.

And yet there's some profit to be had for the creative minded. Just imagine the product launch for your full asychronous ranch model that was deferred during the proof of concept stage.
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