April 27, 2006


ok so ur palyign kitanwar an u finnd one a those cases whe're like 61% of teh poeople votad for teh wroorn fuckigin kittan who is oviuosly signifcantly less godamn cutte tan teh othar one. so is it nrormel in taht case to yel 'fuckity fuck you! waht the fuckis wrong wiht you moarons?!' an wack teh monitor?

i mean lotsa people yel at teh tv wehn theres sports on right? its teh same principal.

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Well, obviously.
You could always photoshop the deserved loser to show eviscerated guts (catgut, in fact, har har) and/or superimpose the cat's head onto Britney Spear's body.

Or just suck it up and take it like a man.
MRIs have shown that kitten wars provoke extreme aggression in some people. Your only choice then is to inflict serious damage on an inanimate object or risk blowing a gasket and having your brains leak out your ears.
On a not-unrelated topic, did you realize that today is National Hairball Awareness Day?
I'll thank you not to fuckity-fuck in my presence.

BTW, Puce is cuter than EITHER of them.
Call that a war? Send in ground troops, tanks and air support. Target the ugly ones. Problem solved.
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