April 23, 2006

simpal logic!

ok i saw towo sings tody which siad 'if u lived he're youd be homa now'. so im liek yeah sure! tehy cant bofth be right.

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You ride trains? I'm not sure I can associate with people who use public transport...
Nothing to worry about there HA, you were in a superposition is all. As soon as you were home, both signs collapsed to form your cat.
It's surprising to see someone like you is still captive to dyadic logic, Arlington. Judging by the moral courage you exhibited in breaking free from the oppressive conventions of English spelling, I'd think the logical principle of non-contradiction is no impediment to you any longer. Alas, even great spirits can fall prey to petty prejudices. Of course you can be in several places at once, hence you can be home in several places at the same time. To suggest otherwise is just an absurdly bourgeois notion.
tranes iven? huh?!

rbo - hmm! its true i was lokin at teh spedomatar an i wasnt quite sure whare i was.

desragues - not sur wat u mean abuoot te spalling. an arnt dryads imaganery?
arnt dryads imaganery

Probably a misspelling of doodad. Poor bastard must be Canadian or something.
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funny--I took it to mean that there are extremely attractive gay men living there.
Does that then mean that I can make myself perfectly at home anywhere? Marvellous. "Your scotch? Don't be silly. This is my house. As is that one over there." I like it.
Idea for a bumber sticker: "If you owned this car, it would be yours".
"bumper" - the bumber thing was just a Freudian slit.
logic about lodgings=lodgic
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