April 30, 2006

new for springg!

poor harrys tryna navegate teh wildarnes of fashion. li8ke many of us hes woeful per;lpexed.

but i culda givan im teh answer if hed only asked.

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Yeah, but this is one of those cases where accessorizing may end up costing you more than the fashion item itself. Waaay more, in fact. But it's great for taking a girl out [pun not intended] on a picnic.
Is this how we'll know you on the street?
Aaah - Camilla looking as radiant as ever, I see. Good for her. Waxing is much overrated, not to mention rather pointless past a certain age...
"Is this how we'll know you on the street?"

I would suggest the addition of a red carnation in the lapel.
I think a ghillie with a mullet would be the heighth of fashion.
des - wahouo! firarams!

vageu - of cuorse not! i wear glases.

ivon - u awys did have a eye for teh ladies.

gial - but where is teh lappel?!

poltruoun - dude u aer so right.
Did you take those photos, Arlington? I ask because the spelling of 'professional' in the captions bears your imprimatur.
Hey! Me think me related to them.
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