May 27, 2006

killller fact!

nobody gives a crap waht i thinkn abouot staroelab!


bonas kiler sterioalb fact! mary hansan was astraealion! no wondar she wasn familiar with automabiles.


  1. dude!

  2. nooooooo... (scorl down — its a calvalcade of horors!) an worse yet.

    'reunite'? half the band is dead! wtf? jimy honymanscott cuoulda filed in for thundards. excep hes dead too. infact he died first. bastard!

  3. looklook its funy bcause their french! get it? french! fyunny! an dislexic.

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It's like Philip Glass but all prepubescent and and pastel. I guess everyone else is too uncomfortable in their musical tastes or sexuality to say much in either case.
I liked Mars Audiac Quintet just fine. Keep that vital Stereolab news coming...
Aww, sure they do, Arl. Buck up, buddy!
I can't work out what you mean by "Stereolab". The Beatles? REO Speedwagon?
Laetitia's solo project Monade also sounds like all other stereolab music. But she is one fine lady, is all I can say. French women really know how to smoke their ciggies.
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