May 12, 2006

humanety - dumb as a stump for ovar 40000 years!

an divil a sign of improvmant.

here we got 'natoinel bolshelviks' martching in rusia for victory-in- great-patirotiic-war day. clerer view of theh flags in this one. yes thye look like waht you think they do.

they do relize who thteyre celebarating wining taht war against right?

teh cutie on the left wuldn lose much if she lost teh armband i think. biut u know how women are. all yuo can say is 'u look great honey' an leave it at that. i definitly go for her ovar blondie to her left (ha ha 'left' getit getet?) in the red shirt though.


h/t furrin polacy with thanks for injectign a litle despair into my afternoon. htsoe picthars are just one damn dismal thign aftar anothar. theive even got stalanists. i thout they were confined to the u.k. these days.

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They're quite something, aren't they? Russians never cease to amaze me with their instinctive love for anyone who promises them a good kicking. Even so, taking the "Commie-Nazis" that Ranier Wolfcastle is always fighting in his movie trailers in the Simpsons and making them real is above and beyond even for them.

Slav and slave come from the same root for a reason, I guess...
Russians have long been known for their excessive fondness of the merchandise they're most famous for. When imbibed liberally over extended periods of time, it tends to induce a marked revulsion to good governance and individual autonomy.

I once knew a physicist who did his Ph.D at the Lomonosov State University in 1952 or thereabouts. He told me it was state policy to subsidize a daily ratio of 200 ml (that's about five shots) of vodka, free of charge, for every college student at the university cafeteria. When your elites are chronically sogged, then what can you expect from the revolutionary masses?
It could be merely a Situationist provocation, as I sometimes suspect Arlington is himself.
Obviously Putin isn't doing enough to defeat the capitalist fascist pigs and now The People are taking the streets in support of more Direct Action.
Those aren't satanists Arl, just grumpy old russian ladies. I went for lunch in a russian place yesterday. Fuck me, it was awful - if anyone ever offers you russian food, tell them to fuck right off and die.
It's the National Boshialists! They should get together with the other National Boshialists and have a World War II party. What?
I looked up Philip's situationist provocation and was surprised that it didn't mean genetic experiment.
I do have a mean genetic experiment, but I don't keep it up my situationist provocation.
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