May 18, 2006

Selected Western Atlantic Gastropods

gastarapods! heh heh. heh he heh.

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That looks more like a Vulveolate to me. Gastropods are, literally, stomachs on feet--McDonald's calls them valued loyal customers.
do they havea notochord? if not they mighggt qalefy as polaticans.
Yes, they do, but only to secure limited vegetative and locomotive functions. And to maintain that they're politically led by inchoate gastropods is to suggest that every people gets the leaders it deserves. Surely that's a bit gloomy, Arlington?
I'm willing to bet they are a key ingredient for pink tacos.
'sacure limated vegatatav an locomotive functoins'? u talkign about whelks or kenedys here?

i didn mean they we're led by gastrapods.
Lovely photos. I think I'm about to cum...
Ewww. They look like a French breakfast to me...
Oh, gastropods. For a moment there I thought I was going to be hearing Fidel's speeches in podcast form.
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