May 17, 2006

knopflers vicious lizard

fossil dinasaur

Masiakasaurus knopfleri! sombody named a dinosar aftar mark knofplar. dont ask me why. i just work here.

btw dinsours wernt lizards at all. moare like birds. warmbloddad in all liklihood. at pres time the features of mark nofflers metabalism was unclear.

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Holy crap a Members Only jacket. Masiakasaurus Eightiesii.
I'm looking forward to Stegosaurus Keithi Richardsii and Brachiosaurus Micki Jaggerii being added to the vast taxonomy of petrified old...erm...birds.
I think they've got the anatomy of the one on the right wrong. Shouldn't he have a fin, and a multicolored plectrum?
BTW it's great to be back after a lengthy absence getting a real job. Long may you brighten our miserable days, Arlington.
The dark workings of the Knopflersaur's metabolism are best left uninvestigated sez I. There are things of which man was not meant to wot.
Amazing to think of those great warm-blooded, bright-coloured saurians roaming the jungles of Gondwanaland, and knopfling magnificently as they went.
...mesial four dentary teeth precumbent, first inclined at 10 degrees above horizontal, lying in alveolus slung below ventral margin of dentary; first alveolus large; ventrally expanded lateral to mesio-distally long dentary symphysis; lower dentition markedly heterodont; first four teeth weakly spatulate; elongate, terminating in distally hooked, pointed apex; mesial dentary teeth bearing two weakly serated distal carinae, having faint distal ridges; more distal teeth transversely compressed, recurved, distal carinae serrated

Probably about right given the state of British dentistry.
Say what you will about Knopfler, Shangri-la is a good record. (Betraying my age by calling it a record, I know.) Also the new one with Emmylou Harris...pretty good!
I heard Dire Straits were teaming up with old Chris Rea under the name Dire Rea.
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