May 26, 2006


so heres whaere im at!

just fuond uout the stereolabs have a new rekid out an went to lisen to the clips an on about clip five i relized that a) yep its a sterealab recrod alright an b) it suonds just liek the last one i bot.

i mean yah it alsounds quite nice but can sombody explaain why they bothard making yet anothar?


turns out theyve made a buncha reckards i didn know about since mary died. go figure. teh last one was caled 'margerine eclipse'. dude man there in there fat-elvis selfparody stage.

othar updat!

in othar peoplewhosoundnotaltogetherunlikestereolab news call an rasponse has relesed 'nervous wreck' on a cd. well why didn anybodddy tel me damn you? (p.s. they suck now).

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This is a fascinating Stereolab post! Keep up the good work, Arlington!
fab four sutre is a collection of 7 inch singles plus odd and ends.
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