May 24, 2006

so u thikn bats cant run eh?

think agian. (via).

the wrrotst part is they do in absalute sialence! they cuold be stalkingn you evan now. theres just no way to be sure. if youve nevar been pursued by bats you may well lauhagh but balieve me itll chil ur very marrow. cause most of us whan we walk aruoun dof course were keping a eye out for bats but where are you lookign? up in the air thats whe're. cause you tink you know whats what. but theyll hityou low where you least expect it! and they hunt in packs.

the only warnign youl get is a tiny litle highpitched snickering. an then wham! your a goner! thats all she wrote! hank knew. he knew a lot about life ol hank did. yep. aint nothing but three chords an the truth.


in teh comants iven the terable sugests puting cowbels on em so u can hear em comign. hes obviously dosn have the nerve to say 'who wil bell teh bat?' imslef so hes tryina goad somboddy else inta it. well ok! nevar let it be said im not easyly goaded.

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Dude, you're out of touch Arlington... Dolphins can also run. Who knew??
I wanted to put cow bells on 'em so we could hear them coming, but oooooh no, no-one listens to me. "An inelegant solution to a non-existent problem" they said. "Cruel and unnecessary" they said.

Well, who's laughing now, eh?
cihrs - nope. dophans cant run. theive just lerned to use language wel enough to lie abbout it.

iven - ahh but who will bell teh bat eh?
I'd love to!

Wow. He's pretty mad now. Wait... Bell the bat? I thought you said ball the bat...

(copyright Gilbert Shelton, 1970)
Ivan it's "bat the ball", you must settle in and get the lingo down.

That last verse of the Hank song is definitely the saddest verse in all of country music, "he stopped loving her today" not excepted.
I've been waiting to find out how many bats the goaded Arlington has belled. I am not dealing well with the suspense. I think I may be heading for one of my 'Little Moments'.

Also, what what should be done about scurrying octopi? Because one can hardly ball an octopus, can one?
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