June 09, 2006

kiler fact!

dont baliev teh hype! shrews arnt rodants! frutharmore....

New Guinea, Australia, and New Zealand do not have native shrews at all...

looks saspicuous to me. makes u wondar wht their up to down the're dosnt it?

bonus fcat! teh wrolds largast tree was once namd for karl marx!

wel buut in fairnes this is all acording to wikapadia. an we al know waht thats worth.

noba betne!

breaking davelapmants (mosly grim) on teh pillbox story! includign cheerlaeders (not so grim) (but also not real skimply clad darnit)!

lotta that goign around today. hmmm.

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Shrews are always tricky to classify. My wife, for example, sounds like a shrew, but is in fact a bitch (genus harridanae).

Good for General Sherman, getting a tree of his own. Karl Marx doesn't deserve any recognition apart from a national holiday for everyone to go to Highgate Cemetery and piss on his grave. Anyway, the last thing he needed was more wood, if the number of housemaids he got pregnant is anything to go by...
Taxonomy is a tough business, Ivan. What with all those deceiving outer appearances and stuff. Nabokov suggested looking at their pudenda--reproductive organs differ in different species, at least in butterflies. But it sounds like the honorable Mrs Terrible may not really be a butterfly, after all. Here's another test, tho': according to the guy from Stratford-on-Avon, shrews can be tamed; but one is a bitch for life.

So Karl Marx spewed venomous nonsense from more that one orifice, then... Who'd have thought, right?
Yeah, apparently Engels (being a rich yet right-on capitalist) was forever bailing Karl out when he knocked up the help or got too deep in debt. How very like our own modern lefties. Plus ca change, eh?
Obviously, when you're out to save humanity from itself and redeem the cruelly oppressed proletariat, one has little time for petty bourgeois ethical details like conjugal faith, loyalty to women, honesty, and things like that. A communist revolutionary can't be bothered to worry about a few unwanted pregnancies.

But I heard Engels was a true scholar, unlike that uncontrollable wrangler Karl--he knew classical languages and even Arabic, with all its 4,000 iregular verbs and stuff. Wouldn't be the first time a capable intellect gets seduced by a strident boor.
"Bogol - your internet gateway to cheerleader gusset porn."

You can use that as your strapline if you want, although you might want to run it through your spellchecker first.
Erm.... Do you read Wikipedia all the time?

It will stunt your growth.
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