June 05, 2006

Fisking Jack White

In the White Stripes' song "Ball and a Biscuit", Jack White states the following:

It was the other two which made me your third
But it was my mother who made me the seventh son


In humans and most other mammals the sex of offspring is determined by the male, or "heterogametic", parent.

So I won't deny that it's quite possible, Jack, that you are her third man, but it's a fact that if the proposed union produces issue, you, Jack, you will be solely responsible for its sex. Yeah, I'd look nervous too.

It is this kind of blatant and grossly irresponsible disregard for the truth which continues to erode public confidence in the record industry.


Of the three guitars pictured above with Mr. Don't-Know-Much-About-Biology, two are of particular interest: The guitar at lower right is a "Jetsons" Montgomery Airline, and the guitar at lower left is probably another Airline, but possibly a Supro Belmont; the two are very similar. Same manufacturer. All of these are fiberglas-bodied instruments from the 1960s. Cool guitars, but prices have risen since Mr.-Can't-Get-His-Facts-Right started waving them around. More guitar pr0n here and JW gear here. In the video for the Raconteurs' "Steady as She Goes", Jack is seen playing another model of Airline. I've just learned that Eastwood Guitars make pricey-ish hollow wood-bodied reissues of the "Jetsons" Airline and the Supro Belmont. I haven't played either, and the nearest dealership is in Portland, ME. Maybe next weekend.

Those anywhere near Philly might check out these guys, too.


More freaky guitar porn! Lotta Teiscos, Corals, four Airlines, Mosrites, sundry Vox copies, a Hagstrom Futurama, and a Supro down at the bottom. And dig some fuzz daddy-o. Yeah.

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Impostor! Arlington doesn't write like that.
teh spel checka was brokin.
That's bogus science. I got my sex from my mother. My father just watched.
To suggest that the sex of offspring is solely determined by the male parent is to perpetuate some of the worst misogynistic prejudices since Aristotle (really the worst clever misogynist of the West). And to invoke alleged biological "discoveries" is to ignore that science is gendered just as much as Western rationality in general. The logical principle of non-contradiction is a not-too-subtle mechanism of exclusion designed to keep out women (or is it wymyn? I forget), blacks, homosexuals and countless other minorities. And it doesn't take too much reflection to see that the erection of the "science" establishment" was really the erection of the oppressive phallus of white male hegemony. Or words to that effect. You need to get your science right, Mr Hynes, lest the devout followers of Andrea Dworkin question your credentials.
teh spel checka was brokin.

Arlington, someone should be paying you. Seriously.
h.b. - nice of u to lett him wach! tahts waht i call filial piety.

d.a. - 'the first step in colonization is making good maps' shje says. erm. nope. closar to teh last. but serously its harley fare to toss up a undargrad as a example of gendarbabble. otoh ive read dowrkin an shes just as ridiculas. so nevarmind.

pabla - thanks! siomboddy is actaly payign me to do this. they just dont know it.
Well, OK, then. If you want the hardcore stuff on feminist science, take some Helen Longino, or, stronger yet, the invaluable works of 'Mad Dog' Sandra Harding or that friend of the cyborgs, Donna Haraway. Happy now?

Oh, I said 'mad dog.' That's a gendered term. What is the equivalent for a female mad dog feminist?
d.a. - femaale mad dog! zing!

anyhow! teh best dascrpoitn of teh uathars u link is unfortnalately a gendard term. or so i objectivly juge havign skimmed abuot two sentnaces of the blerbs of each of two of em and didn evan click on teh third. 'patrerchy' is a myth. just a lota damn women getign all emotoinel ovar nothing as usual.

howevar i do baliev some floks in som states have put stickars on texbooks very similer to teh folowing words of wisdom abuot 'contested discourrses':

'There is not even such a state as 'being' female,itself a highly complex category constructed in contested sexual scientific discourses'
I've been trying to track down an internet reference to the AXL Icon series 12 double-humbucker hollow-bodied Les Paul copy for ages, but can I? Can I buggery. Any ideas?
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