June 01, 2006

no way. no way.

albania! ahhh albanea! a land rich in terditions an folkwayys an colorful peansant grab! but most of all rich in pillboxes.

wikpiedaeia claims theres "ovar halfa milion" pillboxas in albania. they also claimm albania is 11,100 squaare miles big (see sidebar here).

not to boare u with rapetign decimals thats abuot fortyfive pilboxes per square mile.

thats one holy haell of a lota pilllboxs! for comparision ther popalation densety is givan as 318.6/sq mi (same sidbar) wich coms to about 7.07 albanians per pill box.

i think they got somthign wrong their.

h/t iven ovar at topicderft who got me thiknign about enver hoxha.


'orwells ghost' just aded a comant sugesting i google enver hoxha. duhh! why didn i thinka that? but so anyway estimets of the pillbox count range as high as 750000. jesus taht was a miserble regime. ok mea culpa. i hadnt been real au courant on balkamn comunism.

ok now heres a bonuas capitelist bunker to lightan teh mood! the denvar broncos cherleedars visit norads cheyenne mountain opearatons center! (which denvar an cyhenne montan are both in colarodo u see).

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You're nobody in Albania unless you've got at least three pillboxes to your name. One for the week, one for the weekend, and one for special occasions, like weddings or Hoxha's Birthday.

What else are you going to do in a country where instead of adverts on the telly they have a public service announcement saying "This is a television - do not be afraid"?
"It has been the custom of princes, so as to be able to hold their states more securely, to build fortresses that would be a bridle and bit for those who may plan to act against them, and to have a secure refuge from sudden attack. [...] Therefore the best fortress there is, is not to be hated by the people, because although you may have fortresses, if the people hold you in hatred fortresses do not save you."

Machiavelli, The Prince, ch. XX.
Pillboxes are widely used as portable ashtrays in Albania.
I don't see what's so funny. Pillboxes (dosette boxes, as they're called here in Britain) are extremely useful for the elderly to keep their often numerous medications in, and this story proves what a progressive country Albania is.
Google Enver Hoxha.
I think you misunderstood, 3H - Google was in fact Hoxha's original first name. He dropped it in favour of Enver because he thought it sounded counter-revolutionary. Sadly, Google's Chinese Adventure (for all their recent backtracking) comes too late to reassure him...
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