July 18, 2006

argumentum ex recto

thers a kinda gutiar ampalfier called a rectoverb. i gues u can imagene what it might sound like. sort of reberbaratingg... recto... uhh... on second thoughtht lets not go the're.

cuould i make that up? nope.

ok ok its just 'recto' as in rectifiers. dosn matar rely. its just headbangar gear anyhow. (in fareness to teh vendor they don't just do hedbagner stuff. ive gota oldar one an its quite nice.)

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You've got such a recti-'tude, dude
"just headbangar gear"? How dare you mock and belittle headbangerdom? We're going to come round and make our secret Devil sign at you. Beware the Wrath of the Metalheads...
Ozzy can still kick your ass!
They look very attractive, boxy and heavy and shiny with knobs and dials and stuff!
I had a rectoverb incident once. I had one of those dreams that one might expect if one were to take a sleeping pill awith a powerful laxative.

Luckilly it was just gas and could be passed off semi-convincingly as a truck's jake brake.

Damnably startling, but it taught me not to sleep during a wedding.
gi8al - do i evar!

ievan - did i suond... dismisive?!

romericen - ozzy! ozzy!

pie're - yeah! shiny! shiney! dude!

dr e - but u woke up intime to say 'i do' i trust?
لا تُوفِيكِ كَلِمَاتِي
مَهمَا أَجَدتُ الشِّعرَ
فََمَهمَا كَتَبتُ فِيكِ
يَخُونُنِي التَّعبِيرُ
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