August 14, 2006

kllier fact!

'kittens are considered... cute'.

now they telme!

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Can't say I didn't warn you, 3H. Next it'll be puppies in a basket, and at that point I'm afraid all hope is lost...
Can't... stop... abusing... elipses...
The use of the passive voice is suspicious, to say the least. It's probably the transparently unfalsifiable contention of a discontented Wikipedian who has nothing better to do than attempt to discombobulate the blogosphere with imputations concerning sentimentalised felinity.
I think they meant "acute" as in "acute angle". But for that you need a largish piece of sheet metal, a hard smooth surface, and sufficient weight (a motor vehicle for preference).
Fact, shmact. I am miffed!

Arlington, I had a dream about you last night. You'd stopped by for a drink and had gotten into the sherry.

And not the cooking sherry either; you were whacking the good, $3.99/gallon stuff (that I use to fortify my famous box wines), as if they were wearing a turban.

Not only that, but you were using my ancient Albanian lead-crystal Flintstone's jelly glasses; smuggled out of Tirana by the late Archpope Ludendorf at great personal risk mind you(I bought them from a gypsy's car boot sale in outer Terre Haute, so I am quite sure of their provenance) and dashing the empties in the fireplace...


Well, to be fair, that may not have been you. You may have been the fellow in the onion-hat that was working on my computer. I asked if he were you, but he merely answered “On.”

I intend, Sir, to take thrice my normal dosage of mushrooms tonight and get to the bottom of this!
And maggots commonly elicit disgust! This is a treasure trove of standards for all of us with a truly tenuous grasp of cultural norms.
You can get acute kitten with ancient Mayan technology. It just takes longer than the sheet metal approach.
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