September 04, 2006


a comantar at haries just expalind the bolg phanomanen. i thought u al might like to knoaw.

I am pretty lame ... I should get my own blog...

sure your lame kid. but are you lame enough to make teh grade? time wil tel.

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It's not just a lame thing. I mean, some bloggers are felame.
What do you mean, is he male enough? Are you some kind of sexist pig, Arlington?
I'm twice as lame as some of the bloggers out there!
It is important to have standards. Demand nothing but the lamest of lame!

(This reminds me of an English professor I had in college who circled an entire paragraph and wrote beside it in the margin, "lame." I knew I was destined for greatness.)
anti - har! har! vary good!

fotoeater - of cuorse ima sexast pig. waht a dumb question.

wanabe - dont sel urslef shrot! four times. easy.

vuage - i had one wriate 'are you drunk?' once. excep he undarlianed it. but stupad bolger wont let me use <u>.
Lame nothing. You have to really suck to be a true blogger...
Thanks man Arlington dude. I sure hope so.
You have to produce a blog to be able to leave the lameastery. I've only worked up the 3rd level commenter, water buffalo-style.
Wait--what does a lurker rate, then? Is he an incipient lame-o, or is he a sane person with intermittent lapses into lamery?
Shit shit shit! I just realised Antirealist got there first with the joke and I didn't notice it. Now I feel like an utter tit. Lame, even.
proj - wuold i lie to yuo? excep abuot waht hapand to taht roxy music albam i mean.

plootrob - no u have to praduc a bolg to entar teh kingdgomb of teh lame.

d.a. - a lurkars hradly evan on tehh lame scale man. ligghtwates all of em.

footeaatr - huh? i allways figured u were a guy alredy.
"i had one wriate 'are you drunk?' once."

Just the once, Triple-H? Did your English professors receive counselling, by the way?
née - yeah in taht case their was some duoubt. wahts ur pont?
well - I did start a blog - I still can't leave Harry alone though - so it did no good to start my own... let that be a warning to ewes..

Q: how 'old' does a blog have to be before you start inviting people to visit?
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