September 05, 2006

disasstar strikes

'69 tele thinline reisssue.

Fender '69 Telecaster Thinline reissue with Fender 'Noiseless' Tele pickups

ok ok ive no godamn use for anothar godamn gutar (leastofall a telecaster — ive sworrn off em three times now an teh last time was four monfths ago) but i got sooo totely a deal on it! used with case for waht idve expectad to pay used withoutcase! sure u cant cook a sanwich with it but its got wierd pickups onit that just soundnd soooo good. spankity-spank! an i bot it in newhapsmire wehre theres no salestax. dude i mean i saved a lota money he're. wich i wouldna saved ifn i hadn buoughted it. you gota undrastan finance!

im gonna sleeap with it. OH SHUT UP.


cant u heare it sustaignign?


o right! tedh dissasteer is taht ive bean shopign for a guitar for weeeks an its been rely fun but now ive got no exuse to go inta stors an play em. an all teh nebuluos gloaroius posabil giuttars i cuoulda maybie bogght have al colapsed into one guitar thats merely real. l;ovly though it may be.



mindnumbinignly borign guitarnerd opdadte!

i rely dont have any readars at all whio play giatuoar do i? damit. ok than nobody read this.

im in teh ofice all night racign a dedline an ive got tihs crapy litle $50 solidstate practiace amp i keep in my turnk (or 'bonet' as the brutish call it) for such ocasoins. tak e a gatar braek evary hour or so an it keps you form burnign you're brain out too quick or fryign ur eyes on teh monatar. an of cuorse i brot teh new guatar. but ok so this gahstly litle toy amp is rely crap but lemme telyu this guitar can do no wrong thorugh it. holly toledo! i dig this axe baby.


oops. finly gota chance to play ut through my main big ammp at home an it didn suound too god on taht one at all. go figure.


ok waht i didn tel u was i have a thrid amp. i know ur thnikning 'jesus what kindaa uiesless ashole has that many amplafiars?' which is a rely stupad question bacuse if ur readingn this obviously u know exacly what kind. but anyway fuckoff. so! it actuely sounds quite nice through that one though it did take a bita knobtwidling to get it whe're i liked it. teh toy one has a wierd midrange peak i think that just sits right with the tele. wel the're you go. this is why i keeep swarign off the damn things.

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It's cool. And don't forget the more you spend the more you save.
What am I looking at here? It appears to be partly hollo?
proj - yeh its bult mutch liek this one (but read teh secand pargraph).
Second-hand, eh? Did it belong to a guy named Schroedinger?
PS I like hapsmire. But this stuff goes subliminal real quick -- once I tuned in to it I almost stopped noticing the spelling.
iven - im just not suare!

p.w. - i finidn myselef doign it elswahre. oops!
Strange, I always had you down as a harpsichord man. Nice guitar, though. But can you play it behind your back with your teeth?
Why does an electric guitar need an f-hole? It doesn't look like a suitable aperture for holding your cigarette while you "freak out".
Three updates in a post, and your letter-scrambling skills have been pushed to a superhuman limit. Have you considered 'apdeit'?
h.b. - nah teh cigreate keps falin in. major hasle holdiign the guitar upsideown an shakign it an then the ciggie fals inta your eye.

no its al abuot rrrrrresannance dude. it resanaates like a moatharfuckar. an u know how they resenate im sure.

d.a. - yep itsl like old poeple do croswords to keep their mindnds active. whan im 80 yers old ill hafta be on my toes good an propar.
We brutish don't call it a bonet; we call it a boto.
Look, Arlington, it's not like we don't care. Sure we do. We just haven't been artistically endowed in the way you have. We're the guys who watch guys play the Fender Statocaster. Or is it 'Stratocaster'? Nobody's been able to tell me for sure.

Anyway, it's reassuring to discover you're not an officenerd. We're OK with guitar nerds.
o right! tedh dissasteer is taht ive bean shopign for a guitar for weeeks an its been rely fun but now ive got no exuse to go inta stors an play em.

Wait till you get married, HA^3.
Purty. Unfortunately, I am as musical as a fence post, though it is reassuring to know there are other people out there who must buy stuff...
uatdrey - nope i can only do the teeeth stunt with a hrapsachord.

pooltron - i red some good adviace! this guy siad if ur maried u just make sure you stick to gatars of rouughly all the same coluor bacuase 'this will confuse she who must be obeyed'. its true. anyboddy who can actuly distiguiush betwen two gutuars of teh same color will undarstand. er well maybe. women can be danmably rationel somtimes evan when they ouoghta know beter.

p.s. how meny peoppole who talkabout 'she who msut be obeyd' have evar even heard of h. rider haggard? bah! oh well.

malisa - hey im not musicel ether!

hmm. but then agian i do suck prety bad dont i. so maybe u gota point.
I play guitar, HA3. Not well. Not well at all. Some chords, some riffs, but yeah...and never, EVER in front of anyone. Too,too shy. And...erm...talentless, and lacking discipline, pretty much.

'69 tele reissue though...sweeeeet.

I have a '63 musicmaster in desperate need of work. The action's fucked, and some arsehole previous owner put HUGE tuning pegs on, and had it refinished like the kitchen cabinets in an RV. What was he THINKING?
'63 mucusmaster?! whoa! niftayyy! i droul. i totaly drool. oh man. i gota '78ish musicmastar bass but you got it beat by miles. howd you come by it?

u wana see a gawdaffal refin dig this monsstonsity — he can cal it 'natral ash' all he lieks but it sure looks oraenge to me. atleast it niceley sets off teh magenta scratchpalte! an this abomenatoin is stock. 1970s of curose. identacal to my parants bathroum floor tiles form the same era. except the tiles have litle blotchas to make em look extra barfy.

i saw a duo-sonic for $200 in alston on mondnay but it was a 90s reisue. also suonded real dead. i realy liked the new mustagns though. wuoulda bought one if i hadn stumpbald on this tele. wish i cuould sanely have bofth.
Um, I meant like guitar=girl and buying=marriage and going into stores to play with them=going into stores to play with them...well you get the idea. And wasn't that Merle H.?
Arlington sorry duud I had no idea you were on a deadline right now sorry to have taken up so much of your time the last few days

good luckk
If you look closely at that photo you can see Arlington's knee. And in the bottom right-hand corner, there is something large, blurred and pinkish. I hope it's his thumb.
It's obviously photoshopped.
the only guitar I own at the moment is a peavey jf1ex. It looks a little bit like the one John Lee Hooker plays, but it's not a Gibson. It has TWO f holes though, and sounds like it should. Which is good enough for me. I used to own a korean manufactured maple kneck Squire, which got stolen. BASTARDS. #

I also used to own a squire showmaster which was right-handed, but the machine head bit was the wrong way round, not too good sounding now, but had the strange wierdness factor to put an extra £200 quid on the price when the bastard pawn shop who I sold to for £15 sold it on.

So.... guitars that I have owned have always made other people profits, but I still buy em.

Like the twelve string.

oh, the sweet twelve still hurts. Electro acoustic!!!!! (Yamaha, but we won't shout about that.)

On the up side, I have a violin that my great uncle bought for 50p, which is worth £200,000. Unless it wasn't made by Pagani, in which case it isn't worth more than £5000. But I can't sell it because the rest of my family will take a contract out on my head if I so much as scuff it.

But musical instruments are fantastic.

Love your guitar man, love it and treasure it.
You seen these ones HA?
This is great news as we can all look forward to fewer posts.

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