September 16, 2006

pitty an teror

A good man (or whatever) brought low by adverse fate.ok im vsitign mfalmy an we rententead a mvoei an it was rely good but u know how evarybdoys alwalays saying 'blahy blahlb ha yead yada holywods al mindnless hapy ednings an whabatever' wel this one wasn siplistic at all. the hreo strofe an strovfe an nevar gave up an thigngs kep going worng for him but nhe nevar gav up! it was inspiriring! a tribute to teh humen spriirit. no no but wait. than at teh end the hero gott smaashed flat in a giaent mahchine an thats it for im! its a terabyly sad endign. u see his eys fflickar out an its all ovar. i gota say ther wasnt a dry eye in the room.

i recamend it. its liek bbreakar morant but thers a chase sceene with a truck that defanatly ads anothar damension to it.

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You kill one defenceless woman, and Earth Humans treat you like some sort of mechanical psychopath.

Killing three in quick succession does seem to suggest a pattern, tho'...
'quick'? how qiuuck? isn hgat abit vfague?
Any sensible android from the future would naturally want to kill people in the eighties for their horrific hair. The Perminator.
Perminator, good one. OR, he could have been trying to freeze us all, the Kelvinator, OR, I'm sorry I've gone blank.

Hey Bogol, I finally read those books by ol' whatsisname. here's a thing;

Re.October the 13th 2005.

“i accadently saw bert estan elis read in a bookstoare about ten yers ago. i remeber two thigns: his face was all pufy an flushd an his asistent was a absalute knockout. straght form hravad to that durnk losars hotal room. i sidald up to er an siad 'hey baby im a real artist not like taht selout cunt. whats he got ta ofar u?'

she was unmoaved”

Once, twice and thrice HA, maybe mauve wasn’t her colour.
And what the fuck do you mean you saw him accidentally? Was he having a bath? Taking a dump? What?
I mean my God, it’s you or the drug addled, puffy faced ,bent as a three dollar bill, misogynist, illiterate, drunken, spoilt bastard and who did she chose?
I can’t believe it.
You let us all down big time. Did you get a picture of her? eh?
Dr Maroon

naw i was wanerin around teh bookstoare lokin for jack vance boks an thare all unlooked for was tihs redfaced cnut setin up to read. they inraduced im an id herd teh name so i stuck aroun a bit. wel hes no jack vance ill tel ya that.

You've done it! I can actually tell now when you've had a fucking drink.
Dr Maroon

Our last happy exchange Hines. I’ve read the Jack Vance books by the way, just to see what the fuss was about.
Ah'll be back, you buggers!
"a tribute to teh humen spriirit."

A real cineast would say: une hymne à la vie et à l’amour.
"A hymen is in the street and I like it"?
The hymen in the street is the Vulvanator!
hes a cnut is waht he is.
Performance Evaluation: Unit is very focussed and results-oriented but needs to work on its work-life balance.
"work on its work-life balance"? Bit of a bootstrap problem there.
The third one's OK too. People diss it, but the ending is also very good.
Is he a repliCAN or is he a repliCAN'T?
Hey now, that's my bag.
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