September 15, 2006

thej valume ond hte knomb

wel see if thase guys are sroiuus of ir their just msesign aruound.

dir sirs

i liek your insnramants their goood but i wansnt one withuout noknbs. er nobks. that turn. i dont wannt anny there stupid bacuause you cant trun tham altyeway aruond an so waht sthe bpoint? i hate thosse theo lways gotem on evrything.

an can ot be teh pnnan? but so i wnat waont tha s maek thehe honisn outo ufo pianaa! but woith the weeeeooooeoeoeeeooo liek that.

helo i am mamkking an inaquary! wishch is tha t im anqurign and thej valume ond hte knomb. an cna it be buel uan eyulow?


arligilndonton coplasly hyyhsnd

ps ! it wuoudl be sot tely cooul to be nammd klause!!11


snympfth pr0n! a-ru-pej-yo cloak in-ia!

in othar nieus!

"doomsday uneventful"

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You shoulda warund us tha synthz vido arnot worksafe!!!
1 of the "ideosyncratic lettiz" offers a signal generator with an output power of 2.8 horsepower. They sound insane but the dimensions are correct. 1 horsepower is something like 750W. Go get 'em baby.
helo i am mamkking an inaquary!

That is my favorite thing ever.
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