September 25, 2006

Werg Nalafump ang Arlington!

Werg nalafump ang Arlington! Imbu pala guongon al "bote." Ila fupi af cusibi me "glug glug glug" al mobile. (Dijalot "no nintendo, baby.")
Yangu tsoi!
Punged Warnabi

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James Joyce, using a Dvorak keyboard?
Now come come, spit it out.
Guys, I'm still getting the hang of the Gibberometer. It's harder than it sounds to get the damn thing adjusted right at the near edge of unintelligibility.
I suppose it's still much more intelligible than a lot of the stuff ont t'internet.
Well. Has Arlington often said "glug glug glug" in the past?
I believe the glug glug glugs must precede the posts. Are you saying that you are meta-posting?
I've tried to address this in an addendum.
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