September 25, 2006

ok im bkackj!!

wel ok! ol proj ran smowhat amok the're but ill setle his hash later. er. leme raphrast tghat! thankss porj for a job wellel done filign in whi8ale i was addrift!

anyhow teh cost grad did fnind us an it alwrooked out okay in the end. they showwed up so snoon we didn evan haft to resort to canebalism! but theres always nex time right?

bumer. i was walkign hoame form teh sbuway satatoin an the neborhood retardred buy folwed me for a while bablign bgiberish so as usul i gave him 'all mismy were teh brorogoves...' etc. but he kep folowign me! whan i ran outa jabawocky i hada switch to teh snakrk thing an regratebably he got somwhat agitated whenn i mentind mercator. he told me to go fuck mysellelf. whcih is in fact the first interprragble thing ive evar herd himsay! so maybe that was a real breakthrough.

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"the neborhood retardred buy folwed me for a while bablign bgiberish"

Was he on his way home from grad school?
Did he try to outgrabe you?
Arl thank god you're safe!!! I was just kidding on the phone there, ha, ha!
Intelligibility is relative, 3H. Especially in your case...

Welcome back, by the way!
Your selfless willingness to forego cannibalism has clearly given you healing powers.
Still, that Burger King guy just cracks me up.
uday - hmm! but i dont thnkin so. he dossn using the same wrod over an ovar.

plootrono - yes he did teh fresh thing! i tol him i wasn that kindna bologar.

proj - riiiiight.

iven - thnk yuo!

giaall - wasn selfless. just didn get hungry enuough.

porj - ???
Hi, you're back!

Man, I hate it when the neighborhood sped follows me home , all walking behind me, and looking at me. With his eyes.
volg - wel mabe his othar advisees are busy.
You being back is great and all that, but your refusal to commit one way or another to the question of your mestizoen parentage vexes me. Nevertheless, my heart is overjoyed at the return of Parched Spirits. Now say you will return to it once more for some of your incisive interpration. Say it!
The Coast Guard found you but they didn't find enough contraband to detain you? What sort of a trip was that?
Where's he gone now?
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