October 04, 2006

kliler jjoejk!

q. why did teh romons stop getign invatatoins?

a. bcuase they aways declined!1!11

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As in "Decline and Fall", or Latin declinations? I suppose either could be a problem, depending on the event.
How did you separate the men from the boys in Ancient Rome?

With a crowbar.
Why did the scarecrow receive a Nobel Prize?

Because he was outstanding in his field.
That was Athens, Footie.

And 3H, don't be Ridiculus...
what's with the typing, a re you a fucking spaz?
here's a cracka
what do you call a gay mans scrotum?

now that's something to ha ha ha about pal.
Heh. I read that as "Mormons" and I didn't get it.
saneh u are teh ideal bogoll reder!
I got 'mormons' too. Maybe I've been reading Arlington too long...
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