October 17, 2006

ki,.llare fact!!

poepal 30 yers ago hada lota time on they're hands!

My [calculator] makes the best sounds on overflow or error indications, and the various trigonometric functions.

Craig Anderton in Synapse, The Electronic Music Magazine, September/October 1976

yes kids u to can haave huours of fun wiht crapy radias an rf intraferance! actuely thopugh honestly i rely wana try it.

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synaps hada brethtakignly nerdy leters section. bot if ur nota nerd its not funy its just horrafyign.

in othtar news

noate taht these are astreellian dolars. its not as bad as it souunds.

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So now we know what became of Craig Anderton. Can't say I'm surprised he was naive enough to fork out so much for a fumble if his idea of fun as a lad was listening to his calculator. You just can't help some people...
Kids, learn more about Craig Anderton today! Read the official biography!

Thrill to appointment as Executive Editor! Be amazed by Editor in Chiefyness!

Witness the death-defying wardrobe you thought only Robin Williams could get away with! Harken unto the screeches of angels!

(The preceeding was a paid political announcement from The Pirate Party, Gnurdly Von Blakhaat - Chairperson.)
don't forget that acid was very porular in the 70's
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