October 16, 2006

im very acepting actuly

Hostile aliens lurk in the soup aisle. Good thing I'm always prepared.ok ive got nothign againset toothy crazed alians! nothigin at all! its a frea controury an all that. were al unique in difarign ways!

but putign em in the suop is a bit much.

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Poor bastards!
You shoulda seen the looks on the faces of my Soviet students when I showed 'em the Whiskas catfood labels I'd brought over with me in the eighties. Never occurred to them that cat food could mean food for cats, of course, as there wasn't enough food in Moscow for the people, let alone the pets.

Fortunately, I caused the overthrow of communism rather than WW III, but it was touch-and-go there for a minute...
Is that Tony Blair grinning on those cans? Granted his name isn't Wolfgang Puck, but he does rhyme with it.
Remember that Twilight Zone episode -- "We come to serve man?" Well, turnabout is fair play after all.
Wolfgang Puck is a big fellow, but there is simply not enough of him to go into all those cans of soup that I have seen out there.

I suspect that the soup manufacturers must be using Wolfgang Puck artificially flavoured soy bits instead, the cads.
The Dr. is right! I checked the label. It has "hydrolyzed vegetable protein" and "reconstituted artificial Puck flavor". Cheap feckers.
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