October 16, 2006

wel u gota tdraw the liane somwhaer

ok i wen't to get moy oioal chanagedn on my car an they watnead to know if id donate threee bucks to sick kids. wel i was like 'ok but whaddya mean 'sick'? how sick? dsisgusting sick or photagenic sick? cuase im all heart u know but if its disguasteng to hell with 'e'm. if they got soares an their all wierdlooking an whatnot im damned if imgonna donate any monay to encouurage that kindna thing.'

boy wahta buncha prueds they turnd uot to be!

word to teh wise! change ur own damn oil.

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You could've just donated your old oil to 'em. Horribly deformed they would remain, but at least they'd have been slicker.

But no - nothing's ever enough for that type...
That makes me so sick, that you owe me three bucks.
It's comforting to see that the educated and the privileged have already began to make their contribution to the self-selection of the genuine humanity.

Eugenics with a human face, one may call it. Or is it a dismissive sneer?
tesargs - hm. taht dude would getalogn with lysenkoast prety good wuouldn he? how pracisely is los of love sampathey trust asn reaspect gona help anyboddy outbreeed anybbody? eh? wtf?
They might have been German and asking you to donate to thick kids.
Many a fit of existential malaise, cosmic solitude, misanthropic spleen, and sociopathic Weltschmerz have been cured by frenetic fits of irresponsible sex, 3H. That tends to result in unreasonable amounts of progeny. So, you see, it does make some sense. Plus, poverty and lack of prospects is a known cause of increased natality; one only needs to look outside the First World to acknowledge that triviality.
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