October 21, 2006

It is for your own good.

Dear readers, please allow me to direct your attention to the Flamin' Groovies, performing their song entitied, "Slow Death", in 1972.

Cooler than YOU, eh? Oh, yeah.

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Loooooove the matching see-through guitars. I just bought my kid a cheap strat copy & practise amp for her birthday. Yesterday I saw a half-size Ibanez for the same price in a second-hand shop. Fuck.
Great song, although I'd never heard of the Flamin' Groovies. It was covered by the Vibrators on the 1989 album 'Vicious Circle'.
orb - wel thers aways somthign betar u see a week latar. no sence woryign abuot ot. totely cool u goter palygin gutar anyhow!

mnk - i didnot knwuo taht. ill check it out. thanks.
In the spirit of helpfulness which used to guide my every action, I thought, "well I'll give Arlington a helping hand there," and punched "slow death by vibrators" into Google. At work.

Suffice to say I won't be doing that again. Although it's probably a bit late to be worrying about my reputation now.
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