November 25, 2006

killlller fcat!

the wehreabouts of edwin hubles remains remain unknoown to this very day!


atentoin! that vary day is goone with teh snoows of yestatreryear! today is a new day an i donot now know whathner the wherabots of humbals remamins stil remains unknown.

thank u. an thnnks to kierern in teh coments for alertign me of teh need for a reapraislal of the curent state of myy ignoreence.


teh law dodsnt give a crap abuot trifles!

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I am Edwin Hubble! Hah! Fooled you all!!!
So long as he remains at a steady rate of decay...
And what about today? Any progress?
Hubble outdid Hunter S. Thompson by half a century; he got his widow to cremate him, then shoot his ashes into one of the neighboring galaxies. If you point your telescope 20 seconds south of Cassiopeia, you'll see a milky luminous spot--that's not a nebula. It's Hubble's earthly remains.

Mystery solved.
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