November 15, 2006

o nooo!

you're momy kils anamals!!


if u sreach for 'retard' on youtobe ti apeares to be a poupluar theme.

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my mummy.. cooks animals.. but she shies at 'killing' them.. although now that I think of it she has boiled a few yabbies in her time..
Those PETA types - all hearts and flowers with them, isn't it? Bless...
Killing dead animals (p2) is okay though, isn't it? They don't feel pain.

Wait, do we know that? Oh dear.
try wearing the meat and eating the fur - they just don't get it.
Mmmmmmm, hair pie...
Didn't some stand-up comedian once note that we killed animals because that was the only way to get the meat and fur off of them? I believe he observed that

"Meat is not is voluntary manslaughter"
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