November 02, 2006


whan i sign in the crar i aweys wory poeopl e wil thignk im swaring at em.

mabe if i talgatead em less?


shuould i quit wavigin the gun aruound to?

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Why worry if they think you're swearing at them? You should hope they think that. The nerve, them being out there on the roads when you want to use them. I say.

Also: what songs do you sing in the car?
thisone (kiler st. james infrimery ontheir btw) alot cause its esy to sign an ive got dire picth porblams. or bleugarss for teh same reson. thos one wierdley enough! wired cause bert anarson (p.s. huggybungy - foad!) can rely sign. an led zep adn neko of cuorse.

hmmmm. fuound this lokign up teh ramblars above. on a frirst lisen it suounds like its wrogth a second listan.
I assume by gun you mean your penis. In which case, yes.
Less rap, more instrumentals, 3H - that's the ticket...
Swede? Who the fuck are they then?

P.S. If you sang along to "So What?" by the Anti-Nowhere League then you could kill two birds with one stone.
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